Kelling Y O G A Studio ~ Yoga in North Norfolk

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Kelling Yoga is a collaboration between four yoga teachers in North Norfolk.


Drawing on our diverse experience, we offer yoga classes from a variety of styles, providing something for everyone throughout the week.


Yoga classes are held in beautiful Kelling Studio, a light and airy space

with lots of yoga equipment and the comfort of underfloor heating.


Covid19 Virus Advice


1. If you have recently returned from any type of foreign travel, don't attend class for two weeks. Even if you weren't in an 'infected' area, you may have shared your journey with people who were.

2. If you've attended a close quarter gathering with people form other areas of the country of world (e.g. a wedding or large gathering) please don't attend classes for two weeks.

3. Wash your hands well if you cough, sneeze or blow your nose in the studio.

4. If you use the studio equipment, please wash your hands well both before and after class.

5. Bring your own drinking water bottle rather than using the studio cups.

6. Take proper, practical and scientifically proven steps to protect both yourself and those in your community i.e. thorough hand washing and avoiding physical contact.

7. If you are unwell with any type of cold or cough or suspect that you may have coronavirus please do not attend class.

8. For further advice please call 111




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