Kelling Y O G A Studio ~ Yoga in North Norfolk


Rosanne Nieboer



New Year Term starts 10th January 2020

Half Term break on 21st February


Yoga Workshops for 2020 - 10am-3.30pm

£45 (including lunch and tea) All Saturdays

15th February, 25th April, 13th June, 12th September, 14th November



£10 per class when paying for a half or full term

£12 per class if paying weekly or as a drop-in


Rosanne qualified as an Iyengar teacher in 2002 and has been practising yoga for over 25 years.


The emphasis of my teaching has its foundation in the perfection of alignment and correct posture of the Iyengar tradition. A deeper awareness of the connection between mind and body is the purpose of our practice. Using the breath to let go of tensions and resistance brings a meditative aspect to the yoga. We try to gain a good awareness of the pose and the intricacies within each asana (pose). Full preparation for, and a deep understanding of each asana, is the aim. In laying good foundations for the asanas, physical self awareness and an understanding of the body develops. Props are used within the practice - belts, blocks and the wall - all to help each individual reach their own personal potential.


Yoga is not just for the flexible. Yoga is for the willing!

Everyone is welcome.


Contact me on 07776426714 or

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